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Moving to Alberta and your CPHR

If you are moving to Alberta and hold a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation in the jurisdiction you are departing then you must apply for the recognition of your status in Alberta. Persons holding the CPHR designation or Candidate status that move into the province of Alberta must apply for membership online and request to have their CPHR designation or Candidate status transferred from their former provincial association.

To approve Transfer-Ins for membership, CPHR Alberta must receive a Confirmation of Good Standing form from the HR provincial association from which an applicant is moving.  This form will confirm the status of the Member, note whether they are in good standing and will note:

  • When the NKE (or a recognized equivalent) was passed or waived and
  • When the CPHR Designation was granted (via experience assessment or the NPPA)

Candidates and Chartered members who do not meet the Alberta requirements at the time of their designation may not be recognized at the same level of membership in Alberta.  To be recognized as a Candidate, a member must have written or waived the NKE (or a recognized equivalent) within the last ten years and maintained membership with their appropriate provincial association.  To be recognized as a Chartered member, a member must have passed the NKE and the Experience Validation Assessment (or NPPA).

Moving Out Of Alberta

CPHRs or Candidates who want to move from CPHR Alberta to another CPHR Canada Member province must be a Member in good standing with CPHR Alberta in order to have their designation recognized in the other province. This means Members are up to date with membership fees and have no violations against them.

Please note Ontario is not a CPHR Canada Member province and you must contact the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) directly regarding the transferability of your status to their organization.

Members are responsible for obtaining membership in the new association as provincial membership is not transferable.

Moving Out Process:

1. Log in to your member profile and click on Transfer CPHR Designation.
2. Pay the $25.00 Transfer Out Fee
3. Complete the "Confirmation of Good Standing" form
4. Email Confirmation of Good Standing form to
5. CPHR Alberta will forward the form to the new association
6. Receiving association will complete the CPHR designee’s enrollment as a professional member in their province.
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