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Moving to Alberta and your CPHR

If you are moving to Alberta and hold a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation in the jurisdiction you are departing then you must apply for the recognition of your status in Alberta. Persons holding the CPHR designation or Candidate status that move into the province of Alberta must apply for membership online and request to have their CPHR designation or Candidate status transferred from their former provincial association. You must provide us with a good conduct form from your jurisdiction of origin including:

  • When you received your designation
  • When did you pass the NKE or equivalent exam

*CPHR Alberta prorates membership dues and does not charge an application fee for this service.

**Please note that any lapse in membership longer than 30 days between the expiry of a former provincial membership and granting of membership in CPHR Alberta may result in the revocation of the CPHR designation or Candidate status.

Moving Out Of Alberta

CPHR Alberta members holding the CPHR designation or the Candidate status relocating to another province or territory are required to transfer their designation or status to the provincial Human Resources association responsible for CPHR certification in their new province or territory of residence. You must be a member in good standing with CPHR Alberta in order to have your designation recognized in the other province or territory. This means members must have paid their annual membership fees and have no disciplinary findings against them. Members are responsible to obtain membership and seek the recognition of their designations on their own in the new association as this information is not shared automatically by provincial associations. To learn more about having your CPHR designation mutually recognized across Canadian HR Associations view page 37 of our Registration Manual.

Moving Out Process:

1. Log in to your member profile and click on Transfer CPHR Designation.
2. Pay the $75.00 Transfer Out Fee
3. Complete the "Confirmation of Good Standing" form
4. Email Confirmation of Good Standing form to
5. CPHR Alberta will forward the form to the new association
6. Receiving association will complete the CPHR designee’s enrollment as a professional member in their province.
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