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2022 Nominations are now open!

Excellence Awards

CPHR Alberta presents awards annually to exceptional HR leaders, students, organizations, and volunteers who are making Alberta's, the Northwest Territories' and Nunavut's workplaces better every day.

Why nominate a colleague? Award winners receive recognition in front of their peers at the Awards Ceremony; recognition in CPHR Alberta media and editorial channels; new opportunities and increased confidence to continue striving for excellence in HR.

"It's given me the courage and confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself in new ways"

- Kara Bennik, 2019 Recipient of the Rising Star Award

Community Champion Award

The Community Champion Award is granted to a CPHR Alberta member in recognition of their outstanding volunteer contributions with a CPHR Alberta Committee, or with a non-profit or charitable organization within their community. They have demonstrated a commitment to their community through active engagement and participation in programs and services to help enrich the lives of others.

For a nomination form please contact Tracey Stahn.

Fellowship Award (FCPHR)

The Fellowship Award is a prestigious honourary award that recognizes Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) who have made exemplary contributions to the HR profession. Recipients of the award are granted recognition as a Fellow Chartered Professional in Human Resources (FCPHR).

Nominations for our Fellowship Awards are now closed. 

The HR Educator Award

The difference a superior instructor can make on a student is profound and lasting. This award recognizes the difference that Educators can make on an individual and the excellence they have displayed both inside and outside of the classroom. The Educator is an outstanding leader who has successfully demonstrated an impact on students’ lives, research in the field of HR, a creative approach to teaching/course delivery, and/or collaboration to enhance the learning experience. The recipient must be a CPHR Alberta Member and faculty member (part or full-time) of an Alberta or Nunavut post-secondary institution (college and/or university).

For a nomination form please contact Tracey Stahn.

HR Impact Award

The HR Impact Award is granted to an individual who demonstrates exemplary leadership skills and who plays a key role in driving the performance and reputation of an organization. The recipient of this award is a catalyst for organization-wide change and has positively impacted their organization through their HR work as a formal or informal leader, as a mentor, or as a team builder.

For a nomination form please contact Tracey Stahn.

The HR Team of the Year Award

The HR Team of the Year Award is allocated to a CPHR Alberta member group where the team has played a key role within the HR function to support their organization's broader business objectives and challenges. This can include helping to drive an organization's performance and reputation, being a catalyst for organization-wide change, serving as a trusted advisor on the organizational strategy through strategic thinking and innovation with the ability to execute with a results-oriented focus.

For a nomination form please contact Tracey Stahn.

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is granted to a CPHR Alberta member who is in the first five years of their career and demonstrates great promise as a future leader in the Human Resources community. A Rising Star has made significant contributions in the workplace, they have a focus on continuing education, are involved in the community or volunteer their time, and their attributes lend a hand in a deep understanding of Human Resources.

For a nomination form please contact Tracey Stahn.

Strategic Innovator Award

The Strategic Innovator Award recognizes individuals or teams whose innovative ideas, methods and/or products are exceptional, transformative, and progressive. A Strategic Innovator finds creative solutions and approaches to solve HR problems and creates value on behalf of, or for the benefit of their Human Resources department and/or organization. They showcase inventive approaches as they navigate a complex and changing internal or external HR environment and bring new ideas to life by thinking outside of the box.

For a nomination form please contact Tracey Stahn.