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Preparing for the National Knowledge Exam (NKE)

CPHR Alberta offers two options for NKE preparation courses, online and in-person learning available in Calgary and Edmonton. Both courses have been created via materials from our partner Captus Press. The goal of preparation courses is to equip NKE writers with the theoretical knowledge and test-taking strategies needed to effectively write the National Knowledge Exam®.


Online Prep Course

Hosted by Captus Press

The only online prep course includes:

  • Interactive tutoring in a discussion board with our leading content expert
  • 28 hours of multimedia lecture presentations with review quizzes
  • A diagnostic test and four practice exams
  • Both broad and in-depth coverage of the Competency Framework are provided with lots of feedback

Features & Advantages of the NKE Prep Course

Feature: The ability to create a customized study plan that starts with a diagnostic pre-test, which assesses your knowledge level, provides feedback, identifies areas that need revision and suggests sources for learning that content.
Your Advantage: You can display (and print out) the entire test and diagnostic feedback document at any time for easy access to the topics you need to review!

Feature: Access 28 hours of interactive multimedia lectures available 24 X 7 – equivalent to about 75 hours of class time. A detailed glossary and references to textbooks are also provided to cover the additional content required in the competency framework.
Your Advantage: More instructional content and any part of the lectures is available for access 24 X 7! You don’t need to access parts that you don’t need to review!

Feature: Interactive quizzes and progress tests with automatic feedback to monitor your learning progress through the lectures.
Your Advantage: You can display (and print out) all the feedback documents!

Feature: 4 timed practice exams – 600 multiple choice questions.
Your Advantage: Four practice exams provide you with 600 practice questions on the Competency Framework that is covered in the NKE! They are similar to the NKE questions in format, coverage and level of difficulty. (Please note the practice exam questions in the prep course may not closely reflect the questions in the NKE.)

Feature: A moderated discussion board allows you to collaborate and form study groups with fellow prep course participants. Ask the content expert, Stephanie Milliken, questions on relevant issues and seek assistance.
Your Advantage: Access to a content expert ensures you that all your questions can be answered. A totally pre-scripted course cannot do that!


In-Person Prep Course

Hosted by CPHR Alberta

Two-day, 15 hours workshop that focuses on reviewing the exam structure and the ideal ways to answer exam questions. Participants will have the opportunity to review test-taking strategies and the key aspects of human resources theory that relate to each of the functional dimensions of the Competency Framework. If you are a CPHR Alberta Associate and Associate non-degree member looking for more information to prepare for the NKE this is the course for you!


2020 NKE Workshops




Registration Deadline


CPHR Alberta Office

NKE Workshop #1
February 29 & March 1, 2020
(Please note: a minimum of 10 registrans required to run the workshop)

February 21, 2020


CPHR Alberta Office

NKE Workshop #2
March 21 & 22, 2020
(Please note: a minimum of 10 registrans required to run the workshop)

March 13, 2020


Norquest College

NKE Workshop
February 29 & March 7, 2020
(Please note: a minimum of 10 registrants required to run the workshop)

February 21, 2020



  • $480 +GST - Includes:
    • Continental breakfast, lunch and a PM snack
    • NKE prep handbook (hard copy materials are handed out on day 1 of the course)

What you will learn

  • The structure, format, and testing process of the CPHR NKE (including the components and weightings) 
  • Tips and tactics for writing multiple choice exams
  • How to design and implement an individualized learning plan an overview of the CPHR Competency Framework to identify knowledge gaps covered by the exam
  • You’ll also apply your knowledge using sample questions, glossary exercises, and group activities

Agenda (tentative)

  • 7:30am – Continental breakfast & registration
  • 8:00am - Workshop begins
  • 10:30am – break (*approximate time – may vary per facilitator)
  • 12:00pm – Lunch (sandwich, soup or salad)
  • 2:45pm – Break (PM snack, approximate time – may vary per facilitator)
  • 4:30pm - Workshop Concludes (*approximate time – some facilitators may have shorter breaks or lunch)
    *a detailed reminder email will be sent out one week before the course start date

Registration Details
Follow these steps to register for the In-Person Prep Course

  • Login to your Member Profile
  • Upcoming dates for the workshops and other events will appear on your dashboard in an orange box after logging in
    • You will only be able to see the workshop dates if you are an Associate or Associate Non-degree member
  • To register click on the event or the calendar icon and follow the prompts.


Workshop Refund Policy
All requests to withdraw from the workshop must be sent in writing to Avi Sidhu

Refund Request Received

% Refunded

1 month before scheduled date


Less than one month & up to 2 weeks


Less than 2 weeks


*subject to $35.00 administration fee + GST

Substitutions are welcome.  Please notify Alicia Djan-Draper at least one week prior to the workshop date if you would like to arrange to have someone take your place in a workshop.


Alicia Djan-Draper, Lead, Professional Standards, Deputy Registrar | 403.541.8708