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CPHR Accredited Programs in Alberta and Canada

Accreditation Program Overview

CPHR Alberta, along with the other provincial members of the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Canada (CPHR Canada) has recently introduced a program for identifying post-secondary credit-level degree, diploma, and certificate programs for accreditation in their respective provinces.

To be accredited by CPHR Alberta means that the post-secondary program has been assessed and shown to cover at least 80% of the content of the CPHR Competency Framework. Students who graduate from an accredited program with an overall average grade of 70% will be eligible to waive the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) and move straight to the Experience Validation Assessment portion of the CPHR path.

The accreditation program is a significant step forward for the Human Resources profession. It will provide accredited post-secondary institutions with a strong competitive advantage for students who want to pursue an HR career. This program gives CPHR Alberta the opportunity to officially recognize the knowledge that students gain from participating in post-secondary programs focused directly on the HR field.

New Opportunities for the Future of Human Resources

Accreditation adds two new routes for Associate members to achieve the CPHR designation by waiving the NKE and moving directly to the experience assessment step. 

This program affects current students in the accredited program, as well as students who graduated from the program in the past five years (provided that the program has not changed significantly in that time).

Starting the Accreditation Process

To begin the accreditation process, post-secondary institutions should contact Alicia Djan-Draper, Professional Standards Lead at CPHR Alberta.

CPHR Alberta will engage qualified CPHR member volunteers to form an Accreditation Committee to review the application submission and determine if the program curriculum content covers at least 80% of the CPHR Competency Framework. 

With this accreditation program being used by all member provinces of CPHR Canada, any post-secondary institution that is accredited by any member association will be recognized by other member associations, and the student will be allowed to waive the NKE.  For example, if a student graduates from an accredited school in Alberta, then moves to BC and wants to waive the NKE there, the BC association (CPHR BC) will recognize that school.

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Alicia Djan-Draper
Professional Standards Lead