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Your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log

Working towards your CPHR Designation is a process of continuous growth and learning. To maintain your status as a human resources expert, CPHRs are required to complete professional development activities, record them, and submit to them to CPHR Alberta – this is your CPD Log. Learn about CPD activities here, or in the CPD Handbook.

CPHRs can track and submit their CPD online in their CPHR Alberta Profile. We strongly recommend you use this as a tool for tracking your professional development throughout the year so submitting your CPD log is easy for you.

What Counts as Continuing Professional Development?

CPHR Canada wants CPHRs to have an in-depth knowledge of human resources – this means learning in a variety of ways. Some suggested forms of professional development include attending events, attending courses or self-directed learning, leadership activities, volunteering, academic research, contributing to publications,  and significant work projects.

To learn more about activities that count towards your CPD Log, read the CPD Handbook, watch this video, or, send us an email.

Do You Offer Professional Development for HR Professionals?

Learn about our CPD Approval Program here.

How to Save CPD Activities in Your CPD Log

Earning your CPD hours is important, but saving them is all part of the process of maintaining your CPHR designation. Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to save CPD activities in your CPD Log.

How to Submit Your CPD Log in 2018 and Beyond

If you have your CPHR designation and your end-date is in 2018 or later, you need to submit your CPD Log according to the following guidelines:

  • Record professional development activities in your CPHR Alberta Profile using the Continuing Professional Development Log – record the activities on your log as you complete them
  • Acquire a minimum of 10 CPD hours every year and 60 CPD hours over each rolling three-year period in at least two categories of the CPD Log. Questions about this? Contact us.
  • Submit your log before December 31 of each year – just click ‘submit’ on your log and you’re done
  • There is an extended deadline of January 30 for your CPD Log submission, but you’ll be charged a $50 + GST late fee. Learn about short-term extensions here.

After You Submit Your CPD Log

CPHR Alberta accepts your CPD Log as long as you have submitted the minimum required activities. Refer to the CPD Handbook if you’re not sure about these requirements. Your CPD activities are only verified if you’re selected for a CPD Log Audit.

CPD Log Extensions

  • Leaves of Absence
    If you are taking a leave of absence CPHR Alberta will grant you CPD exemption hours. The amount of CPD exemption hours granted is dependent on the type and term of leave. Refer to the CPD Handbook for more information on this. Contact us if you have questions.

CPD Log Audit

CPHR Alberta does an annual audit of 3% of CPD Logs submitted each year. We do audits to verify the completion of logged activities, and to abide by national standards established by CPHR Canada. Make sure you keep supporting documents after you submit a CPD Log. You can keep scanned versions on your computer or use a cloud-based software to avoid hardware issues.

For more information on CPD Log Audits and supporting documentation, refer to the CPD Handbook.

More questions about CPD?

Alicia Djan-Draper 
Professional Standards Coordinator