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The Fellowship Award is a prestigious honourary award that recognizes Chartered Professionals in Human Resources who have made truly exemplary contributions to the profession. Recipients of the award are granted recognition as a Fellow Chartered Professional in Human Resources (FCPHR).
  • Strategic positioning of the HR profession
  • Advocacy on behalf of the HR profession to Government Policy Makers
  • Development, sharing and promotion of innovative HR ideas, policies and practices
  • Service to local, provincial and/or national HR Associations
  • Service to the broader community/social responsibility

Looking to nominate someone for this award? Contact Heather McMaster for more information.

View a full list of Excellence Award categories here.

Current FCPHRs

Alykhan Bandali, FCPHR

Angèle Mullins, FCPHR

Brian Foster, FCPHR

Eldon Emerson, FCPHR

Gary Agnew, FCPHR

Lynette Grose, FCPHR

Mel Zimmerman, FCPHR

Peter Chung, FCPHR

Todd den Engelsen, FCPHR

Trevor Axworthy, FCPHR

Wayne Thomas, FCPHR