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  • What is considered professional HR work experience?
    Professional HR Experience refers to experience gained through intermediate and senior level positions of influence involving:
    • independence of action and decision making,
    • depth of analysis and interpretations, and
    • responsibility and accountability for outcomes


    Professional does not simply mean supervisory or managerial as there must be an emphasis on impacting the organization’s management of human resources or human capital. Also, human resources positions performing administrative functions are not considered to be professional level, so time spent in these positions will not be credited towards the experience assessment.

  • Do I need a management title to satisfy the work experience requirement?

    No. Your experience is not dependent on your job title. Experience is reviewed based on the Required Professional Capabilities, which may be demonstrated in a variety of different positions.

  • How do I know which job opportunities will meet the work experience requirement?

    The human resources field is very diverse and presents many opportunities to obtain both a breadth of experience and a specialization. Each individual experience submission presents a unique background and set of accomplishments. We recommend reviewing the CPHR Competency Framework to ensure your current position and any others you might consider, align with the competencies set out for an HR professional.  Remember, you will need to show evidence of experience in at least two functional dimensions.

  • Who assesses the work experience?

    Experience is reviewed by a panel of CPHRs who have been selected for their expertise in various employment sectors. Work experience submissions are also subject to audit by a committee.

  • When do I need to meet the work experience requirement?

    The Experience Validation Assessment must be submitted and approved within 10 years of passing the NKE.

  • How do I submit my experience for review?

    The assessment can be submitted through your member profile by clicking on the 'submit EVA and Apply for CPHR' link

  • How much does the assessment cost?

    The assessment costs $550 plus GST.  Candidates will pay $200 plus GST upon submission of the Assessment and will pay the balance when it is approved.  If an assessment is not approved, you will not be charged the second fee.

  • How long will it take to have my Experience Validation Assessment completed?

    There are three admission deadlines throughout the year for the Experience Validation Assessment - January 31, May 31 and September 30. Your assessment will be completed within 8 weeks of the intake deadline.

  • How far back can I go to cite my 3 or 8 required years of professional experience?

    The experience must be obtained within the last 10 years.

  • Is foreign experience accepted?

    CPHR Alberta does not have a Canadian experience requirement and does not limit the amount of international experience that may be submitted towards experience validation.

  • How do I fill out the experience section in the EVA form and who signs my form if I am currently unemployed?

    Candidates should fill out the experience section in the EVA form using their most recent past employer if currently unemployed. This employer can also complete the Employer Verification section of the EVA form.