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Executive Total Rewards Committee

About: The Executive Total Rewards Committee enhances the Board’s efficiency and effectiveness in determining the CEO’s total rewards package. The CPHR Alberta Total Rewards Philosophy is reviewed periodically by the committee and approved by the Board to ensure that it remains consistent with the strategic direction and values of CPHR Alberta. 


Financial Audit Committee

About: The Financial Audit Committee enhances the Board’s effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling its external and direct inspection monitoring responsibilities for fiscal policy. The primary purpose of the committee is to adhere to a transparent process of review and disclosure that enhances stakeholder confidence in the organization’s financial reporting.


Governance Committee

About: The Governance Committee enhances the Board’s efficiency and effectiveness in improving the capabilities of the Board to govern.  The committee monitors and reports on the Boards’ performance to ensure that the organization’s obligations as outlined in the bylaws are fulfilled. 


Human Resources Committee

About: The Human Resources Committee enhances the Board’s efficiency and effectiveness by overseeing the management of human capital. The committee reviews, reports and if required, makes recommendations to the Board or management to ensure that CPHR Alberta attracts and retains the talent needed to deliver on its mandate and business objectives.


Membership Engagement Committee (formerly Linkage to Members Committee)

About: The Membership Engagement Cmmitee enhances the Board’s efficiency and effectiveness in communicating with members. The committee assists the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities regarding connection with members and includes educating members on what to expect from the Board.