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As a student member of CPHR Alberta, you have the opportunity to get involved and connect with HR professionals from across the province.
Student membership is available to individuals who are:
  1. Enrolled in full-time or part-time studies, with two or more courses per semester, in any degree program at an accredited post-secondary institution;
  2. Enrolled in a continuing education program, taking two or more courses per semester toward a certificate or diploma
  3. Internationally educated professionals in Human Resources enrolled in a career bridging program, Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program at a recognized post-secondary institution or immigrant-serving agency.
To maintain membership in this category, student members are required to provide proof of continued enrollment at the start of each calendar year.  To prove that you are a student member, please send in a confirmation document that shows your name, the school in which you are enrolled and the name of the program and courses you are currently enrolled in.  This information needs to be provided in one document. It can be a letter from your university, a screen shot of your current schedule or official working transcripts.
Students Members are not eligible to write the National Knowledge Examination® (NKE). In order to write the NKE you have to transfer to Associate Membership status.
Please note: A degree from an accredited post-secondary institution in Canada or an international degree that has been assessed by the International Qualification Assessment Service as equivalent to a Canadian degree is required to qualify for Associate membership and attain the CPHR designation.
Click here for instructions on how to apply for membership.