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Ignite the Fire of Change - CPHR Alberta Webinar

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Wednesday , June 26 , 2019 at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
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June 26, 2019

Attending this webinar counts as 1 CPD hour - please register and sign-in to ensure you receive a confirmation of attendance email for your CPD log.

About the Webinar

Any organization with tough change challenges ahead needs boots on the ground, motivated, enthusiastic, persuasive employees who can lead the way and help others through the stresses and strains of transition. It is vital that as HR Professionals involved in planning and implementing change you develop your capabilities. This webinar will give you the tools to immediately influence change within your organization. Participants Will Learn

  • How to address emergent change with clarity of vision and agility to pivot quickly.
  • A common vocabulary that allows for strategic positioning of the change with sponsors
  • Why diversity, equity and inclusion is more than training and has so much to do with bias in change.
  • How to be more than a cheerleader of positivity and negativity in change at the individual and team level.
  • Where are your next steps to igniting the change, what’s in your toolkit.

About the Speaker

Pauline MeInyk

Pauline Melnyk, is a Business Leader and Strategic Consultant in Organisational Change and Leadership Development, with over 20 years’ experience building the leadership capacity and effectiveness of large, complex organisations.  Pauline offers a proven track record in building positive workforce cultures by enabling both behavioural and organisational transformation, ahead of the curve. A catalyst for change, she has led generational shifts in workforce planning and culture that have transformed sector best practice and closed the gaps between legacy and future state business models. She applies expertise in positive psychology, narrative coaching and change management to build the agility and effectiveness of organisations across sectors, including Government, NGO, Oil & Gas, Education and Health Services.


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