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Human Rights Legislation and Transgender / Gender Diverse People

On November 19, 2015, the Alberta Government introduced Bill 7 that would amend Alberta’s Human Rights Act to include Gender Identity and Gender Expression as prohibited grounds for discrimination.  It unanimously passed third reading.  On May 17, 2016, the Federal Government introduced similar legislation that would amend Canada’s Human Rights Act to add Gender Identity and Expression as prohibited grounds from discrimination at the national level.  Bill C-16, currently at 2nd reading, would also amend the Criminal Code of Canada to add violence, targeted speech and harassment a

Is Your Compensation Strategy Actually Strategic?

Employee compensation typically consumes 40 to 70 percent of operating costs for Canadian employers. For most firms, compensation is their single largest operating expenditure. Last year, according to Statistics Canada1, employers in Canada spent nearly a trillion dollars on wages, salaries, and benefits – imagine a stack of $100 bills more than 1,100 kilometers high! Are they getting their money’s worth? Is this money well-spent         

Layoffs – Moving Forward With Purpose

Over the past year organizations in Alberta have experienced many challenges as a result of the economic downturn. In comparing the most recent Alberta HR Trends Report results to those from a year ago, the percentage of professionals expecting termination without cause to be the biggest reason they lose staff has almost doubled from 17% to 33%. This increase includes a rise of 7% in the second half of 2016, indicating that we have not seen the last of the layoffs that are affecting so many organizations, employees and professionals in Alberta.

Employee Retention Strategies

You’ve hired ‘em…Now, how do you keep ‘em?

As Alberta still struggles with the economic downturn, we are starting to see more stability. According to results of the most recent Alberta HR Trends Report conducted by CPHR Alberta, fewer organizations are expecting further layoffs, with about 45% of Alberta companies surveyed expecting their staffing numbers to stay the same. In fact, about 25% of companies surveyed are expecting to grow and increase their number of employees over the next 6 months.

Survivor Woes – Boost Employee Morale after a Downsizing

I found myself complaining about work not too long ago. Something trivial happened, what? I really don’t remember, but I was complaining to, of all people, my wife. She let me vent a little, then, in her loving, but sharp way, she said “well, 360,000 Albertans don’t have jobs right now, you could be one of them.” This experience made me think about what was really going on. The reality was, work was good. I have a great team and the business is doing well. What I noticed, however, is that I was getting wrapped up in the doom and gloom of our economy. I was fixated on it.