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What does an informed people analytics strategy look like?

New kinds of data are being captured and analysed as part of a more holistic approach to HCM technology and people analytics, according to Bersin by Deloitte.

Data from a range of sources including external market information, social media, and biometric data from personal devices and badges are now being collected for a more informed people analytics strategy, said Christa Degnan Manning, vice president, solution provider research, Bersin by Deloitte.

Real examples of HR analytics in action and Data scientists in HR

This is an interview with Ian Cook, Director of Product Management at workforce analytics company Visier. In this interview Ian discusses the most common and valuable use cases for data analytics in the modern HR department, to what extent the department will be staffed by data scientists in the future, and how HR directors can better build the business case for analytics software.

1) Can you give us some concrete examples of how companies can make better decisions by manipulating and using data and insight? What metrics are they using?

Why HR managers should always have access to employee data

Would you make a crucial business decision without consulting any data? Not if you're smart. Employee performance management strategies are critical to an organization's success, so they require the same careful, well-informed consideration. That's why it's essential for HR and managers to have access to the information they need to drive engagement and motivate their teams.

Employee engagement fuels business outcomes

Analytics at Work

As leaders struggle to climb on the "big data" bandwagon, how can they be sure that they are making the most of the data available to them? The quantity of data available may make an issue seem important1, but collecting more data won't necessarily make for a better or more informed decision.