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Written by: Dave Rietsema


A new year is upon us, so the focus is on the future and what it may have in store. HR software has been moving along swiftly for a couple decades now, so 2017 promises to bring ever more changes and trends. The following are a few things that we can expect to see.

More Timely Feedback Options

While the annual performance review has certain merits that may anchor it in place for the foreseeable future, timely feedback is something that is becoming expected more and more. With the expectation in place, we can expect to see more HR software vendors offering options that make it simple to instantly provide feedback using mobile options.

Greater Focus on Employee Wellness

Smart companies know that employee wellness directly impacts productivity, retention, and of course attendance. Offering wellness programs and sick days goes a little way towards addressing wellness issues, but HR solutions can help companies to take it even farther if they put the right options in place. We may see some innovations like the ability to sync Fitbits or other wearables with HR software starting this year.

A Broader Range of Predictive Analytics

At this point, predictive analytics can be applied to HR data in order to forecast labor needs, possible turnover trends, and a handful of other things that can help with business decisions. As the technology improves and the predictions become more accurate, we can expect to see the range of factors that predictive analytics is used for broaden. This trend should continue as the technology further matures.

Smarter Learning Management Systems

The world we live in is an informed one, so employees in every field are expected to have the most up-to-date knowledge about their industry. Making learning management systems that offer continuous training, especially training that is individualized for the field and the specific employee’s skill set, is something that savvy HR software vendors may do starting this year. These options should be mobile, of course.

Increased Transparency

Employees are no longer content to work at any old place just for a paycheck, many wish to feel like they are making a difference in the world by working for a place that is ethical. Transparency is central to this idea of ethics, as employees are less likely to feel that they can trust a company that makes salaries a secret or that hides financial information.

We will likely see more vendors move towards offering ways to share information that has been considered by companies to be private in the past, such as salaries, merit increases and opportunities, and possibly even periodic earnings reports.

Better Mobile Accessibility and Options

Some HR software vendors offer great mobile optimized dashboards and features, but many simply offer mediocre mobile accessibility. As this year goes on, we should expect to see mobile options improve and even more vendors get on board with the shift. Additionally, we may see the scope of features and the mobile capabilities of the solutions improve.

2017 holds exciting possibilities for HR software. As technology improves and vendors learn to better cater to company needs, we may see some groundbreaking new functionality.

Orginally published Jan 23, 2017 by Dave Rietsema,