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Speak at CPHR Alberta Events

We are looking for speakers to provide learning opportunities to 5,800 members from across the province. We are seeking leaders who bring case studies, examples, and best practices to their presentation, and who can engage the audience in active conversations.

In previous years we did one call each spring for our annual conference. Starting last year we opened up the call to be a year-round intake. We are accepting applications for events outlined below

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How to Apply

  • Read the tips for successful applications (below).
  • Determine which CPHR Alberta events you want to apply to speak at
  • Download the Speaker Abstract Form – all applicants are required to fill out this form. Please give yourself 1-2 hours to do this, depending on the type of event you are applying to speak at. 
  • Complete this webform

Tips for Successful Applications

  • Write a compelling session description that demonstrates how the topic will connect with the audience by being engaging, innovative and informative.
  • Be specific and stand out. Show that you are the authority to present on the topic. Avoid generic language and focus on what is unique about the proposed presentation.
  • Incorporate case studies and build in time to discuss examples in the room. Provide attendees the opportunity to learn from each other.
  • Outline the ‘how’. Attendees want insider information and tangible takeaways including step-by-step actions to put into practice when they return to the office.
  • Include any links to videos, resources, or examples that provide more information about your speaking style and experience.

About our Events

CPHR Alberta offers HR professionals a variety of events to fit their professional development needs, accommodate schedules, and varying levels of expertise. The timing of events varies depending on how in-depth the learning experience is intended to be, and also by each CPHR Alberta Chapter's needs. 

Here is an overview of the kinds of events we offer:

Networking at Noon

Our popular Networking at Noon sessions are free for members to attend. We offer two formats – networking with a speaker or facilitated networking.

Facilitated Networking – facilitator role

The facilitator’s role is to guide the conversation during the session rather than to be an expert in the topics discussed. As the facilitator, your goal is to focus on how participants are engaging in the meeting, prompting thoughtful contributions from all attendees. 

Networking with a Speaker – 45-minute speaking opportunity

This session blends learning and networking. Attendees start the event with informal networking, followed by a 45-minute speaker presentation. Additional networking at the end of the event provides attendees with an opportunity to further discuss the topic while expanding their networks.

CPHR Alberta Speaker Series – 60 or 90-minute opportunities 

Our speaker series provides members with an opportunity to connect with each other over breakfast, lunch, or dinner while learning from a presenter during a 60- or 90-minute presentation. We encourage presenters to do a deeper dive into their topics, and case studies or recent data is encouraged.

HR Bootcamp – 60-minute speaking opportunity

In only a few years, our HR Bootcamp has grown to become a feature on the CPHR Alberta calendar. These one-day workshops are designed to provide a broad base of knowledge to emerging professionals and student members. The topics covered are aligned with the CPHR Competency Framework, with six of the functional areas targeted at each of the workshops.

CPHR Alberta 2019 Conference: HR Undefined  - Call for Speakers is now closed

HR Undefined is CPHR Alberta’s signature annual conference, combining keynote presentations, breakout sessions, networking and a tradeshow. About 40 breakout sessions are included, with speakers contributing interactive, engaging presentations for groups of 20 – 75 attendees. Learn more about our largest annual event here

Professional Development Events – half or full-day speaking opportunities

Our PD program is expanding thanks to member feedback. These sessions are generally either half- or full-day workshops, providing a substantial exploration of one of the areas of our CPHR Competency Framework. Speakers must be considered an expert in their field with both applied and theory-based knowledge. Experience as a speaker and facilitator is crucial.

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Conference and Events Coordinator
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