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HR Virtual Roundtable

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Tuesday , May 04 , 2021 at 9:00 am to 10:00 am
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April 08, 2021
This is a member only event

*Attending this event counts as 1 CPD hours - please save the confirmation of attendance email for your CPD log. 

*Please review our Cancellation Policy before registering


The HR Virtual Roundtable is a monthly opportunity to connect with other members and talk about current topics in HR.

The Roundtable is a structured conversation on a current topic, offering members a chance to talk to their peers for ideas, information, and inspiration. We ask everyone who attends to respect confidentiality so that people can feel more comfortable to ask questions and discuss their own situations.

Our next Roundtable will be held on Tuesday, May 4 at 9:00 am, and hosted by Janice MacPherson of CPHR Alberta. Each month we rotate the time that the Roundtable occurs to accommodate more schedules.

The topic for May is COVID-19 vaccinations, and how organizations are approaching this sensitive and somewhat controversial topic. Many of us have already heard the legal advice telling us that making vaccines mandatory for employees is not wise. The questions we’ll explore together at the Roundtable include:

  • Is your organization developing a policy around COVID-19 vaccination? And if so, what does that policy include?
  • What impact are vaccination schedules having on your company’s return to the physical office?
  • How is your company approaching infectious diseases overall, given the experience with COVID? For example, people used to go to work when they were sick in order to avoid penalties. Will that change in the future?

Participants will receive the discussion questions in advance and will be split into meeting rooms on Zoom to share ideas and information. It goes without saying that confidentiality and the willingness to share are key to the success of this event.

This Roundtable event is limited to 40 CPHR Alberta members to ensure quality participation for all.


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