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The Path Forward - CPHR Alberta Five Year Action Plan

What We’ve Heard

We’ve heard your feedback at CPHR Alberta events, through our online town halls, and in our annual member survey. We know you’re looking for action from CPHR Alberta – and better value for your membership.

What We’re Doing – The Path Forward

Your feedback matters. Your concerns and ideas have been rolled into a refreshed business plan – a plan that outlines how we will improve the services you have asked for, and how we will reach the goals you want us to achieve. More professional development opportunities, non-dues revenue streams, improved communication, useful tools, and templates.

Have a look at what we've been working on to incorporate your feedback into our five-year plan and increase the value of your membership:

What’s the Process for The Path Forward?

You took the first step by providing a record amount of feedback. We want you to stay engaged with each new step over the next five years.

CPHR Alberta The Path Forward - Process

Our Steps Along The Path Forward

It's more than words. Two consistent themes in your feedback are raising the profile of our profession and achieving self-regulation for human resources professionals in Alberta. Here's what we're doing to make these projects a reality:

1. Becoming CPHR Alberta

On April 19 we held a Special Meeting of HRIA members that approved the Human Resources Institute of Alberta to become Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Alberta (CPHR Alberta). This new brand is a dramatic step towards raising the profile of our profession by aligning with CPHR Canada and the nine provinces and three territories across Canada. Learn more.

2. Calling on Alberta's Government

Throughout the winter, hundreds of CPHR Alberta members downloaded, signed and mailed a letter written by the Association to their MLAs to support our application for self-regulation. Not only does this support CPHR Alberta's application for self-regulation, it brings new awareness CPHR Alberta to our government and leaders. Thank you! Your actions resulted in meetings with MLAs and Government officials, and important progress on our application. By March we had received a request for new information on our application by the Ministry of Labour – our updated application has been filed. We need your help keeping this rolling.

3. The Future of Your Designation

Focus groups for the non-degree route to the CPHR designation are coming this fall. Interested in taking part? Email us.

4. More Partnerships

CPHR Alberta knows that our partners can help achieve our goals. So far this year we've accredited three more post-secondary institutions for CPHR-certified programs or paths. We've also joined a partner research project with Canada's Public Policy Forum. For more info click here

We Need Your Help to Keep Our Progress on Self-Regulation Going – Take Action Today

We are asking for your help. Download our letter template, customize it with your name and riding information, then mail it to your MLA. Postal delivery helps more than email, so please mail it by August 15.

  1. Download our letter template
  2. Customize it with your name & riding information
  3. Attach the Executive Summary
  4. Mail it to your MLA

We are moving forward toward our goal of self-regulation. Thank you to all of our members for your efforts and support!