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Congratulations! You’ve achieved the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) Designation. You’ve demonstrated that you’re committed to the highest standards of professional practice in human resources. You’re also elevating human resources as a recognized profession, part of a strong community of 6,000 human resources professionals in Alberta and 27,000 in Canada. What's next?

After You Get Your CPHR Designation

Once you get your CPHR Designation, you’re required to maintain it. Maintaining your CPHR Designation is what makes you an expert in human resources. Here’s a brief overview of what maintaining your CPHR Designation looks like:

  • Participate in professional development activities to stay on top of human resources best practices. Record these activities in a CPD Log and submit to CPHR Alberta once per year. Learn about continuing professional development here.
  • Be a member of CPHR Alberta – pay your membership dues each year to keep your CPHR Designation in Alberta. Your membership dues are issued at the beginning of January each year.
  • Complete the Good Character Attestation and adhere to CPHR Alberta’s Code of Ethics and Standard of Professional Conduct so CPHR Alberta can uphold the promise of the CPHR Designation to stakeholders and the public. Learn more here