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Using Employee Engagement Survey Data to Actually Boost Engagement

There has been a massive spotlight placed on “employee engagement” in recent years, however, this is not a new topic. Business experts have been discussing the impact engaged employees have on business performance since the early 1990s and while almost any leader can logically explain the benefits of having an engaged workforce, little is being done about it.

When To Change Your Culture

Every organization has a culture. Your organization’s culture is either helping you get the job done or holding you back. Culture matters.

Research shows that performance enhancing cultures are correlated with much higher employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and growth in revenues, stock price, and net income (e.g., Kotter & Heskett, Corporate Culture & Performance, 1992).

Trip Down Memory Lane

When I look at the topic of workplace culture evolving, I can’t help making the analogy of listening to music culture evolving.  They both elicit the feeling of tripping down memory lane.  At the risk of showing my age, I would like to share that trip in this article by looking at some decades progressively - starting with the 1970’s.

How to Manage a Multigenerational Workforce and Not Go Totally Insane

Multigenerational management refers to managing the four generations of employees that are now entering the workforce and one-size does not fit all. Each group is uniquely individual. Today's multigenerational workforce includes the Pre-Boomers (Born 1925-1945), also known as The Silent Generation and Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1964), Generation X (Born 1965-1976), and Generation Y, also known as The Millennials (Born 1977-1994).

Frantically Busy but Unproductive?

In a recent survey of 350,000 people worldwide by Franklin Covey, people admitted to spending up to 40 per cent of their time on unimportant or irrelevant tasks. This is a surprising number considering our increasing workload. How have we traditionally tried to resolve this? Time management training has been the go-to for decades; however, there are new schools of thought that state this is the wrong focus. The new approach, proven to be effective at increasing efficiency and productivity, is to manage your energy not your time.

Boosting Workplace Productivity

The holiday season brings excitement, festive cheer and overindulgence. But what happens when the action dies down? We go back to work to face all those frogs we decided to put off until after the holidays.

January can be a month of winter blues and under-performance for some, especially in the face of Alberta’s economic challenges.  But this doesn’t have to be the case.  We can all apply a few simple ‘Productivity Ninja’ tips to generate playful productive momentum for the start of 2016!

Workplace Bullying – its effect on the bottom line

As part of my consulting practice, I lead workplace investigations into allegations of harassment, discrimination and psychological harassment or bullying.  What has changed for me over the years is that the work has not lessened and it appears that bullying is running neck to neck with harassment in being the # 1 barrier to healthy, happy and safe workplaces.  So let’s chat about that for a moment, if you have the time.  Bullying is typically not a one-time event but is action directed at another or others over a significant period of time.  The actions to demean, discredit, devalue are re