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The "A" Factor - The Strategy for Getting Ahead Faster in Your HR Career

Before I tell you what the “A” factor is, let me share the true story of two HR leaders.

Their names: Colleen and Karen.

They are very much alike.

Both currently work for the same company, but in different divisions.

Both are brilliant.

Both have graduate degrees in HR.  Both have SPHR certifications.  And both have roughly equivalent HR, leadership and business skills (at least in my view).

Thinking about HR Careers

If you are fairly new to your HR career, then it is good to look ahead at options for your future. I find many HR professionals simply look up the HR career path in their organization, or if they are in a small organization, look at the lack of a career path. In reality there are many options for an HR professional.

Engaged in Looking for Talent

While Alberta has less jobs to offer, it is critical to fill those open roles with the best available talent.

As organizations and applicants jockey for the upper hand in a constantly shifting market, there is an intense, but subtle battle waging around us for acquiring the best talent, or procuring that next role.

Why Mentorship Programs Stop Working

It is a time-honored tradition in the business world for those who have prospered in a role to share the secrets of that success with new and promising employees. Indeed, many companies actively support that approach through mentorship initiatives where mentors graduate from a formal training program. In order to make the most of such an arrangement, a certain set of criteria applies. When these elements fail, the relationship between the teacher and the mentee becomes problematic.

Here are five signs that your company’s mentorship program has stopped working.