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Communication Across the Multi-Cultural and Multi-Generational Workforce

Recently I attended a diversity workshop and one group practice involved telling your counterpart what you had done since getting up in the morning until the arrival at the session. But…… we were supposed to double the verbs with similar verbs. For example : “I got up/jumped out of bed and brushed/cleaned my teeth and took/completed a shower. I then made/prepared breakfast etc.” It was evident that our stories became abbreviated, our communication style was halting and there were many pauses of frustration trying to find a suitable similar verb.

Change Management 101: Lessons Learned Through Parenting

On October 19th, Canadians responded to the Liberal Party’s slogan: “It’s time for Real Change”.  Judging from the sea of red that overtook the country on that day, we might assume that ours is a country filled with people who readily embrace change.   We would, of course, be mistaken.  Don’t get me wrong…there are many people who love change. However, there are many, many more who would prefer things didn’t change.  While the election results tell one story on a national front, what happens in the workplace tells a different story.

Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It

It’s 5:30 AM on a dark and cold January morning. I’m tiptoeing around my home, trying not to wake my three sleeping children, or my wife who was up twice last night with our one year-old. I have an early morning meeting, so I need to leave before traffic picks up. I make my way down the stairs, grab a quick breakfast and just as I walk up to the door, I hear my oldest daughter, who is standing at the top of the stairs, quietly say, “Daddy, can you stay home today?”