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  • Why is CPHR Alberta prepared to waive the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) for post-secondary graduates?

    CPHR Alberta recognizes that many post-secondary programs cover the majority of the information included on the National Knowledge Exam.  The accreditation process will allow CPHR Alberta to assess which programs cover 80% or more of the CPHR Competency Framework content.  If a student has achieved 70% or higher as an overall grade in an accredited program, CPHR Alberta is confident that the student already possesses the knowledge tested in the National Knowledge Exam, so CPHR Alberta is comfortable waiving the exam in that case.

  • What programs qualify to become accredited?

    Post-secondary programs will qualify to be accredited if it is determined that the content offered meets at least 80% of the CPHR Competency Framework content.

  • Will other provinces in Canada recognize an accredited program from Alberta, and vice versa?
    Yes, all provinces that are members of CPHR Canada (Chartered Professionals in Human Resources) will recognize the programs accredited by CPHR Alberta, and CPHR Alberta will do the same for programs accredited by other member associations of CPHR Canada.
  • How do I find out if my post-secondary institution is accredited or in the process of becoming accredited with CPHR Alberta?

    If your program is accredited, it will be listed on the CPHR Alberta website, or you can contact CPHR Alberta directly to ask about it.  If it is in the process of becoming accredited, CPHR Alberta will not provide that information, but you can inquire with the administration of your program for more information.

  • How long is the accreditation process?

    The process requires the post-secondary institution to provide extensive information to CPHR Alberta with regard to the content of their programs.  The process will vary from program to program, but it is expected to take a number of months in each case.

  • Is there a fee to the post-secondary for the accreditation process?

    No, there is no cost to the post-secondary institution for the process.

  • Do I still need a degree if I have a certificate from an accredited program?

    A degree is not required to obtain the CPHR. Members without degrees may become designated if they pass or waive the NKE and prove 8 years of professional HR experience to pass the EVA.

  • If someone received their degree from an accredited program in the past, can they qualify to waive the NKE?

    If the degree was received within the specified timeframe for that institution and program, and if the student’s grades meet the requirements, he or she will be eligible to have the NKE waived.


  • What if my post-secondary institution becomes accredited part way through my education?

    As long as the program content has been the same for your whole education in that program, CPHR Alberta will recognize your accredited education toward waiving the NKE.

  • Is there a fee associated with waiving the NKE?

    Yes, the fee for waiving the exam is similar to the fee for registering to write the exam.  Please click here for details.

  • What other requirements must be met in order for a student to waive the NKE?

    In order to waive the NKE, a student must achieve 70% overall average grade in the program, as well as be a member in good standing of CPHR Alberta.

  • If someone waives the NKE, do they still need to pass the Experience Validation Assessment?

    Yes, the Experience Validation Assessment is required in order to attain the CPHR designation, even if the NKE is waived.

  • If a post-secondary institution is not accredited, will it still continue to receive sponsorships and scholarships from CPHR Alberta?

    Yes, for the time being all post-secondary institutions that receive scholarships from CPHR Alberta will continue to receive those.