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A CPHR Alberta Retired member is a CPHR who has fully retired from human resources practice and no longer actively uses her/his designation for work purposes.
Members requesting retired status must meet all of the following requirements:
  1. The member is permanently retired from full-time employment and earning less than $20,000 annually in active income as defined below*.
  2. The member is not engaged in any activity where they would present themselves as a CPHR
  3. The member is at least 55 years old.
Retired members are not required to sumit a CPD Log or pay annual Membership Dues. They must only represent themselves as “CPHR, Retired”.
Members granted Retired status are not eligible to vote at the CPHR Alberta Annual General Meeting.
A retired member who re-enters the workforce is required to apply for a change in membership status to “Chartered”. The Registration Committee will determine any required updating of professional development at the time of the request, and the member will be required to pay prorated chartered member dues for the current year. Full dues will be applicable in the subsequent year.
CPHR Alberta reserves the right to request verification of income at any time.
*Active income includes gross income from all employment or director's fees and/or net income from self-employment; it does not include pension or other retirement income, investment income, support payments or disability income. All other sources of income are considered "active."
Click here for instructions on how to apply for membership.