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The Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) is the only human resources designation recognized across nine professional human resources associations in Canada. The CPHR represents 27,000 human resources professionals practicing human resources in Canada.

Why should you pursue the CPHR Designation?

Professional designations enhance career opportunities. The CPHR designation proves your ability to master all aspects of HR. It demonstrates to employers across Canada that you’re an HR expert.

Be a trusted advisor to your peers and employers. By achieving the CPHR Designation and adhering to CPHR Alberta’s Code of Ethics you demonstrate that you are committed to the highest standards of professional practice in HR.

Expand your network and career opportunities across the country. The CPHR designation is recognized across nine provinces in Canada and 27,000 members strong. CPHR Canada is aligned with the United States’ Society for Human Resource Management, the largest HR organization in the world.

Paths to the CPHR Designation

In Alberta there are four paths individuals can take to achieve the CPHR Designation. Please note - there is a minimum education requirement to persue the CPHR designation. You must obtain a Degree, Masters or two-year Diploma from an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution, or the equivalent from a non-Canadian institution. Learn about these paths and their requirements here.

How to get the CPHR Designation

Here is a brief overview of the CPHR Designation process – for details on requirements, visit the Paths to the CPHR page.

1) Membership

The first step to achieving the CPHR Designation is to apply for membership with CPHR Alberta. Your membership type depends on which path to the CPHR you pursue. Learn more about our membership types here.

2) Knowledge

To prove you have the knowledge required to become a Chartered Professional in Human Resources, you must register for and pass the National Knowledge Exam (NKE), qualify for an NKE waiver, or qualify to move directly to the next step. At this point you become a CPHR Candidate. Details on the NKE are here.

3) Professional Level of Experience

CPHR Candidates complete an Experience Validation Assessment (EVA) or Senior Pathway Validation Assessment (SPEVA). The EVA and SPEVA are an application that asks HR professionals to demonstrate their experience in HR. Information on the EVA is here.

4) Professional Conduct

CPHRs are required to complete the Good Character Attestation and adhere to CPHR Alberta’s Code of Ethics and Standard of Professional Conduct. This protects the public by ensuring that CPHRs adhere to the prescribed set of professional principles and rules regarding the practice of the HR profession.

Questions about the CPHR?

Download the Registration Manual for a comprehensive overview of how to become a CPHR. Questions? Contact:

Jayden Carson
Professional Standards Assistant
1.800.668.6125 ext. 104