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Sping 2016 HR Trends

Hiring Confidence Climbing Upward

Written by: Cindy Lynn Roche, CPHR

Working With What You’ve Got

Written by: Amanda Salopek

Preparing for Changes in Parental Leave

Written by: Rob Caswell, CPHR

Why Build a Learning Organization

Written by: Alex Andrews, CPHR

Six Ways to Cut HR Costs

Written by: Talent Intelligence

Leadership Development

Managing - Developing Leaders At Evey Level

Written by: Jaclyn Bock, CPHR

Managing and Leading Millennials

Written by: Merri Lemmex

Written by: Prof Sattar Bawany

The Essential Leadership Attributes

Written by: Stephen Brandt

Leadership Development Program Design

Written by: Cindy Lynn Roche, CPHR

Employee Engagement and Retention

Secrets of Human - Capital Management

Written by: David Creelman

Investing in Leaders is Critical in a Downturn

Written by: Seonaid Charlesworth, PhD Vice President, Executive Assessment and Succession at LHH Knightsbridge

Where has the Engagement Gone?

Written by: Janet Salopek, CPHR

I Want To Work Here!

Written by: Inga Nelson, CPHR

Engagement in Tough Times

Written by: Cindy Lynn Roche, CPHR

Why You Need to Recognize Your Employees at Earlier Milestones

Written by Alan Whittaker, Vice President Sales & Marketing Williams Recognition Ltd. 

Government Impact on HR

The Alberta Real Minimum Wage

Written by: George Sroka

Bullying in the Workplace

Written by: Cindy Lynn Roche, CPHR

Performance Management

Stress – The Silent Productivity Killer

Written by: Jen Gutfriend

How hard can managing performance be?

Written by: Merri L. Lemmex

Your Strategy and their Performance – Is it Linked?

Written by: Steve Lemmex, PMP, and Merri Lemmex, PMP

Fall 2016 HR Trends

Layoffs – Moving Forward With Purpose

Written by: Janet Salopek, CPHR

Employee Retention Strategies

Written by: Leah Fochuk

Managing & Developing HR Careers

Why Mentorship Programs Stop Working

Written by: Debby Carreau

A beacon of light in a dense forest

Written by: Chris Jones and Lisa Scott

Thinking about HR Careers

Written by David Creelman

Engaged in Looking for Talent

Written by Alex Andrews

Risk Management

Employer Compliance Inspections

Written by: Evelyn L. Ackah

Ex-Employees are a Data Security Menace

Written by: Steve Anderson

Update on the Law of Constructive Dismissal

Written by: Joesph Oppenheim and Lauren Kautz

Spring 2017 HR Trends Report

What’s In Store for HR Software in 2017?

Written by: Dave Rietsema

Jigsaw Puzzle - A Primer to Diversity

Written by: David Ramage

Agile HR During Unpredictable Times

Written by: Geordie MacPherson, CPHR

Learning and Development

Written by: Cindy Lynn Roche, CPHR

HR Consultants – A Time and a Season

Written by: Alex Andrews, CPHR

Workplace Culture

When To Change Your Culture

Written by: Joel Shapiro, Ph.D.

Trip Down Memory Lane

Written by: Inga Nelson, CPHR

Frantically Busy but Unproductive?

Written by: Chris Jones and Lisa Scott

Boosting Workplace Productivity

Written by: Dawn O’Connor

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Real Inclusion in the Workplace

Written by: Cindy Lynn Roche, CPHR

The Opportunity of Accomodation

Written by: Jacyln Bock, CPHR

HR Career Pathing

Two Worlds & One Workplace

Written by: David Ramage

Mentoring Influence

Written by: Cindy Lynn Roche, CPHR

Training and Development

To Invest in Employee Development or Not to Invest

Written by: Geordie MacPherson, CPHR

Mobile Learning in a Mobile Workplace

Written by: Justyna Potocki

Stepping Up To Management

Written by: Dr. Kanwaljit K. Chaudhry,CPHR

Change Management

The Next Generation Applicant Tracking

Written by: Marilynn Kalman

Termination Best Practices

Written by: Pat Padilla

Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It

Written by: Alex Andrews

Occupational Health & Safety

How to Conduct an Investigation on Workplace Harassment

Written by: Krishnan Nagarajan, CPHR

Addiction = Disability

Written by: Christin Elawny, BA, LLB

AHS Nurse Locum Program: An exercise to in-source.

Written by: Mary Ellen Hoogers & Sandra Jardine

Six Levels of Workplace Health

Written By: Blaine Donais, President and Founder, Workplace Fairness Institute

Change Collective - CPHR Alberta 2017 Conference

The Hazards of Helicopter HR

Written by: Glain Roberts-McCabe

Success Stories are Key!

Written by: Catherine Brownlee

By-Standers - Please Step-Up!

Written by: Michèle Luit

Organizational Development

Crafting Effective Organization Change

Written by: Dr. Kanwaljit K. Chaudhry, CPHR

Critical Interventions

Written by: Michael F. Broom, Ph.D.

Growing Talent From Within

Written by: Brian Kreissl