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Talent (Mis)Management: Why Are So Many Companies So Bad at Employee Engagement?

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Wednesday , February 27 , 2019 at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
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January 28, 2019

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About the Webinar

Human resource management is not fulfilling its obligation to properly indoctrinate internal resources sufficiently well to become their organization’s most zealous fans. Yet, the world’s most beloved companies deploy enlightened People Strategies – overseen largely by marketers, not HR professionals – to reap tremendous competitive advantages. Two facts are clear: 1) Internal engagement scores are shocking low within most organizations, and 2) The ability to motivate and mobilize people remains the #1 inhibitor to successfully implementing sound business strategies. It’s time organizations do a better job connecting the dots between their external success and their internal engagement. In this presentation, Chris shares practical – yet irrefutable evidence – to empower brand leaders to radically redeploy dollars into investments that will produce far greater ROI than current alternatives. 

About the Presenter

Chris Kneeland

Chris Kneeland is the CEO of Cult Collective, one of North America’s premier engagement marketing firms. His overriding professional passion is helping brands accelerate growth by reimagining how they engage consumers and employees. He’s committed to helping courageous brand leaders embrace proven marketing principles he’s discovered while working with the most iconic, “cult-like” brands on the planet. Chris held marketing roles at the world headquarters of John Deere and The Home Depot. He was also formerly the Head of Retail Marketing at RAPP, Omnicom’s preeminent relationship marketing agency. He co-founded Cult in 2010, and has consulted with Harley Davidson, Canadian Tire, Mark’s, Zappos, Best Buy, HEB Grocery Stores, Carter’s, Keurig, United Way and dozens of other brands. Chris speaks regularly at conferences like SouthbySouthwest, CDX, Global Shop, Inbound, NRF, CMA, Digiday and The Gathering (which he co-founded). He is the co-author of Fix: Break the Addictions That Are Killing Brands, and the co-founder of Communo, an agency talent management platform.


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