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CPHR Alberta supports 6,000 members across the province with our seven chapters in Calgary, Edmonton, Central Alberta, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie and Wood Buffalo. 

While some chapters are larger geographically (Grande Prairie Chapter is over 215,000 km2 – 3x larger than Ireland!), and some chapters are larger in membership (Calgary Chapter has over 3,000 members!), all Chapters contribute to the strength of CPHR Alberta.

View our Chapter Regions and distribution of members (click map for details)


CPHR Alberta Chapter Regions

Each CPHR Alberta Chapter has a voice in guiding local events & professional development – targeting training and networking to the topics in demand for the economies in each area of the province. Each Chapter has a committee that is led by the Chapter Volunteer Committee Chair who communicates to CPHR Alberta’s Chapter Relations Coordinator. For Chapter-related inquiries please contact Jeny Chapman, Manager, Member Services at

CPHR Alberta Chapter Regions and the members of each Chapter Volunteer Committee

  • Jennifer Caseley
  • Mandy Van Dresar

Wood Buffalo

  • Gregory White
  • Kathryn Morgan
  • Whitney Roy
  • Adrienne McKellar
  • Kelsey Grunow


  • Angela Meier
  • Blake Novak
  • Jennifer Crocker
  • Lauren Andrews
  • Tanya Davies

Central Alberta

  • Belinda Davies
  • Gwen Ganske
  • Krista Baumgartner
  • Lisa Henderson
  • Nicole Tomczak


  • Ameera Bhatti
  • Ashley Adelantar
  • Jessie Leighton
  • Kathy Franklin
  • Maria Raimondi
  • Michelle Desnoyers
  • Sarah Lange
  • Tamara Cain


  • Deanne Robblee
  • Kristine Westover
  • Mackenzie Smith
  • Nicole Reynolds

Medicine Hat

  • Erinn Hansford
  • Garry Bennett
  • Nadine Kirschenman
  • Teresa Gyorkos